Website Development

Prices vary for website development but a rate of $25.00 US an hour is usually charged and an initial design fee for new sites is also charged. Hosting is not provided by but can be setup by me. For a personal quote please email me .

Sites will be:

compliant with with W3C standards to insure accessibility by all
unique designs themed around your company
easy to use and update

create new or completely redesign sites
improve current site ie: make websites with valid W3C Code
update your content for you
write custom web applications (this hourly rate is usually more)
setup e-commerce stores
and much more. . . email me with questions to see if I can help

Computer Support
Onsite prices for computer support are $25.00 US an hour and will be more if travel is excessive.


hardware setup, maintenance, and support
software setup, maintenance, and support
network setup, maintenance, and support
server setup, maintenance, and support: system installs typically Linux with a LAMP configuration (this hourly rate is usually more)
and much more. . . email me with questions to see if we can help


Many other technical services are provided by If you didn’t see what you want listed above email us and we’ll see if we can help.