Summary of Qualifications

      Over 5 years of experience in the computer field producing extraordinary results for multiple companies and the government.  Exceedingly capable in wide range of programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C++, PHP, Perl, ASM.  A diverse knowledge of computers from hardware to software and beyond.  Proven ability to work in teams and be highly self-motivated.


Programming-Can program in Java, PHP, Perl, C++, ASM, and has a general knowledge for programming languages.

Hardware-High level of knowledge in building, troubleshooting, and optimizing computers.

Webmaster– A webmaster for multiple websites involved in every stage of the development.

Graphics Design-For multiple sites designed graphics using Adobe Photoshop.

Linux and Open Source Projects-Uses Linux daily and can do everyday tasks as well as administrate more complex servers.  Has deployed many open source projects at work to save time and money.

CCNA-Cisco Certified Network Associate certifies that I am well versed in local and wide area networks. 

Cisco Web Certification-This certification verifies that I know how to build functional websites with good design.


  • At the Bureau of Land Management I was a Co-webmaster.  I worked on a national pilot program to develop standards for every state website.  This entailed switching all the web authors from Microsoft FrontPage to Macromedia Contribute to have more control over the production of content. Also changed from Microsoft IIS servers to SuSE Linux.
  • Also at the Bureau of Land Management I assisted in crossing over from traditional PBX telephones to Voice Over IP and help maintain the new system.
  • For newsGhost LLC I designed their entire website and built the server code that communicated with their application.  This involved using RSS feeds and programming in PHP and using a MySQL database to store users and information.
  • At Wheat Ridge High School I was the webmaster for 3 ½ years.  There I developed many custom web applications for teaches and students.  I also entirely designed the page there.
  • Xyrka Consulting is a company that I started that mainly does web development but also a wide range of other computer related tasks.


Bureau of Land Management State Office, Telecommunications Assistant/Co-webmaster, Denver, CO

      Over the Years at BLM I have done many different jobs in their Information Resources Management section.  Wherever the IRM has needed help, I have helped out with my large knowledge of many different computer related subjects. Recently I have mainly been working on their website as the co-webmaster.

June 2000 – present.

newsGhost LLC, Head of Web Development, Fort Collins, CO

 Working with a team we developed the newsGhost site and server side code for their applications.

April 2005 – present

Xyrka Consulting, Owner, Denver, CO

      This is my consulting company which I currently in the process of registering as a business in Colorado.  For more information on what my company does visit my website at http://xyrka.com.

March 2001 (unofficial start) – present

Dahl Environmental Associates, Systems Maintenance, Denver, CO

      From when my Father’s company was created I have provided support for the computer systems.

June 1999 – present

Wheat Ridge High School, Webmaster and Technical Support, Denver, CO

      When I was a Freshman I was part of a web design team that maintained the school website.  This team fell apart when a large amount of them graduated, so from when I was a sophomore on I volunteered as the webmaster for the school.  I was also the teacher assistant to the school computer support.

August 1999 – May 2004 


  • Colorado State University, Ft Collins, CO.Currently attending for a Computer Engineering Degree with a minor in math.  As of August 2005 I am classified as a junior by the university. Planed completion: May 2008.
  • Red Rocks Community College, Arvada, CO.  24 credits for CCNA certification.
  • Wheat Ridge High School, Wheat Ridge, CO.  Graduated 2004.